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Family portrait 001
And Now i started doing the faces of my family.. Mother me wife daughter.. I was hitting a groove by this time... My creative juices had started percolating...
Ape Guardian 001
And Again.. The Idea behind this one is that somewhere in the region of Hammerfell there is a group where the leader has a Ape/Gorilla Guardian. Its Shackles are magic giving it a ferocious set of attacks.. One being reflect damage. another a powerful heal.. I havent figured out the others ATM...


United States
It is both a time of peace and a time of war in this quadrant of the galaxy, depending on where you live -- and which leaders you follow.

With the advent of FTL drive in the early 22nd century Terra (Earth) grew to become the political center of a far-flung Federation, comprised of many human and non-human races. But in the 24th century that government became a victim of its own success. Dissention and curruption set in on Terra. Blame for the fall of humanity from its pereminant postion was placed on the influence of alien species. The government in response became an Oligarchy supported by a few powerful individuals. And new, and powerful humanocentric agencies grew into existance. Which only excellerated the downward spiral of humanity and Terra.

By the end of the 24th century several races of humans left earth for "greener pastures". Conflict between humanity and other spacefaring races now seemed inevitable, and war broke out. Years later, the sheer size of the Federation crushed the opposition, and expanded into those regions of space. The genocide of these races was hushed up with war propaganda of 'vast suicides' and 'refugee fleets' that did not exist.

Many states ceded from the Federation. Various alien races and rebellious human worlds banded together and formed a new, clean organization called The Galactic League. This body was founded on the basis of mutual trust and respect, and the abhorrence of war. Other states began to join, leaving the Federation which now rocked with political upheaval. The Federation immeadeately attack, but, lacking the ability to maintaina the war effort the Federation turned away from the problem of the League, and tried, in vain, to salvage their own government.

The ill-timed meeting with the warlike Khaa’rain, who if not for the Galactic League stepping in the Federation would have been completely eradicated.

Earth is now a totalitarian police state, and the Federation called the 'Old Terran Federation', is a fragmented, incoherent group of sector-states that limp along in despotism and decay, occasionally making forays into League space. They are not hated, merely pitied.

The organization continues to flourish and expand, extending the quest for a secure and prosperous universe. New governments are constantly requesting membership into The Galactic League.

Welcome to The Galactic League
"Where the Dream continues.."

Ok I figure that i should give some background concerning myself and the Galactic League..

The Galactic League organization is a group of writers, artists, costume-makers and roleplayers centered in Chicago. The League has contributing membership throughout the US and Briton, all involved in helping each other realize their artistic dreams in a shared universe.

In the past, League members have banded together to create award-winning costume presentations at regional and international science fiction convention masquerades.

Currently, we publish several magazines AlterNations and Mulimi, science fiction fanzines of high literary quality. Some issues include stories by League members who are professionally-published writers.
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